2020-2021 - CYM/Odesa

1. Реєстрація - Registration

Please complete registration form below for joining or renewing CYM/Odesa in 2020-2021.

2. Заплата - Payment

Submit online payment for registration.

Note: Payments can be combined into one online checkout process. For families, in the dropdown menu select First Member -> Join/Renew, and then go back and add Additional Members at the discounted rate.

3. COVID-19 Update and Health Screening Form

Please review the information and guidelines how we will be re-opening. Also, please print and fill-out the Health Screening form for each person, each week, when attending.

4. Теплом зігріємо серця - Warm Hearts Project

This year, in lieu of sending backpacks, we ask that you make a financial contribution. All money collected will then be used to purchase items in Ukraine for the children.

Цього року, ми збираємо гроші, які будуть використані на закупівлю подарунків в Українію.

5. Крилаті - Krylati - CYM Children's Magazine

CYM in Ukraine puts out a children's magazine that is available as a yearly subscription, 6 magazines per year. More information CYM Krylati

6. Футболки - T-Shirts

CYM and Odesa t-shirts are available for purchase online.

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